Age is just a number. Height doesn't mean anything. Hey I'm Charlotte. I'm the oldest out of my group of friends, but also the shortest. Please follow for my words of wisdom (:



this is at least the 200th time i’ve reblogged this can’t stop won’t stop

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I’m a Teenager

I’m a teenager. I live on my laptop like it’s my last possession. I dream big like I could do anything. I eat like there’s no tomorrow. I burn holes in my pockets everytime I go shopping. I obsess over bands like they’re my soulmate. I drown myself in music like there’s no begining or ending. I spend nights on Tumblr scrolling though nothingness. I spend most of my time in my room like it’s my den.

Well what could go wrong?

Atleast I’m not a drug dealer? :p

The Liam Payne



He looks soo BadAss  o.o

‘till you see his Shirt…

why am i laughing so much omg liam

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Awh, I feel mean posting this, but Liam will soon pass his Driving Exam, well he’s already passed his written Exam :)